Project FIG

What is a FIG?

FIG stands for Fully Interactive Gospel. It is a small voice-controlled device that reads the Bible aloud in multiple languages.

The aim of this project is to promote worldwide biblical literacy. Everyone should have access to the Bible, including people who cannot read or use computers/mobile devices. Project FIG seeks to serve the nearly 800 million illiterate adults in the world by enabling them to navigate the Bible in their own language with only their voice.


This is a video of the FIG in action. The video is in Indonesian but includes English subtitles.


Raspberry Pi

The FIG runs on a Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer. We choose the Pi because it is affordable and easy to program.


Jasper is an open-source platform for developing voice-controlled programs. We adapted its code and created custom language models to enable interacting with the Bible in English and Indonesian.

Digital Bible Platform

The Digital Bible Platform provides free access to a repository of digital Bibles in over 800 languages. The DBP supplies the native language audio Bible content for the FIG.

Advantages of the FIG:

  • Open source
  • Fully interactive
  • Easy to operate
  • Cheap, off-the-shelf parts
  • Customizable for any language
  • Zero literacy required

Link to the source code

Ongoing Work

Improvements to be made

  • Improving the responsiveness of the device
  • Polishing the interactions, sounds, accuracy of recognition.
  • Packaging the device into an affordable, reliable, durable appliance
  • Supporting more languages
  • Adding question answering capabilities.
  • Much more
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Get Involved

If you have questions or would like to try a FIG, help develop the product, fund further improvements or assist in any other way, get in touch with us through the form below.